Shuai is a student in ISCAS HCI Lab.


March 2019 | My paper SmartEye won the Best Paper Honorable Mention in CHI 2019.

December 2018 | A full paper was accepted by CHI 2019.

Octorber 2018 | Undertake the work of reviewers of CHI 2019.

October 2019 | Won the National Scholarship in UCAS.

I am currently a student in the Institute of Software Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing. I received my bachelor degree at Harbin Institute of Technology, major in Software Engineering. Outside of school, I worked in the ML group at LOHAS and LUNA(NLP team in Youdao) group in NetEase.

My research interests lie in the field of human-computer interaction (HCI) with interactive machine learning (iML) and artificial intelligent (AI), human-centered computing, and computer aided medical. During my master degree at ISCAS advised by Prof. Feng Tian, I conduct research that integrates user preference with deep view proposal network to help users compose photos. This research draws on how to make deep learning model personalized and investigate the role of human in deep learning hoop. We propose user preference learning method by ensembling interactive machine learning method with deep network trained by 1 millon photo data. In addition, I have worked with Peking Union Medical College Hospital to develop a series of computer-aided diagnostic systems for patients with cranial nervous system diseases to help patients find diseases at an early stage at low cost.

I am also a second-year student at UCAS now.I'm a recipient of the National Scholarship during the period both in HIT and UCAS.